there are so many amazing ways that Bumper Repair St Louis can service you. We recommend always reaching out to us before you time to do the project yourself. we do not say this to discourage you and your ability to fix your car, we say this to possibly help you. We do not want you to waste time or money on a project that we could’ve done for you for free. If your liability insurance will cover your vehicle, we can pay your deductible. we always want to make sure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck and you’re never being singed out of any money that you can keep in your pocket.

Bumper Repair St Louis is committed to you the customer. We also to make sure that you’re receiving the top-notch quality work you deserve ! if you any further questions on the type of service we offer you can always reach out to us we will be able to assist you and your needs. we offer summary different types of detailing services and customer services that can help the client. If you just want your tires wax black with our special formula, just let us know. We can work out deals for anybody needing anything. We always want to make sure that you’re getting what you want and paying a reasonable price. If you have any further questions you can always walk into our office and ask any of our customer service representatives at the front desk that will help you with a smile. We love anytime somebody walks into our office that is new.

We love new people here at Bumper Repair in St Louis. if you are experiencing any type of trouble in your life such as somebody can your car and you not knowing what to do we can also service you in that area. we have people come to us with new problems every single day and we love to be able to offer hope in the dark to them. reuse only different methods to size and measure out the dance that we will take out of your vehicle. we have multiple length metal rods of varying degrees of bands that will help access the hard to get areas in your vehicle. If we are taking hail damage out all they hood it is a little more simple than taking the hail damage out of the top of the vehicle where we have to get through the plastic and sheet material on the top your vehicle. But we have tons of little tools that can help us do that and leave no damage to your vehicle.

your vehicle is so important us that we would never do anything to harm it. That’s all we have specialized tools that will always help you. We have a clue that is made especially for putting the interior of your car back on in the exact way that it came off.

If you have any further questions call our customer service hotline at 314-809-3368 or just reach out to us on our website

Bumper repair St Louis

if you are wondering what our company is here at Bumper Repair St Louis you can be certain that we are not a company that is dishonest. Our company has so many ethics that are ingrained in all of our employees. If an employee does not have the ethics that we need they will not be allowed to work here. Integrity is at the highest of importance to us. We always make sure that if anybody goes inside to beat your vehicle to take a hail damage or fix it that that they will not touch any of your belongings in the vehicle. When I have to walk into our shop carrying all your belongings because you cannot trust us.

Bumper Repair St Louis takes pride and letting you leave the belongings that you care about in your vehicle so that you can carry on with your business as usual without having to worry about their safety. we will always make sure leave all the vehicles just as we found them except without the damage.

Bumper Repair St Louis helps to inform you of some of things that we may be doing on your vehicle as well. Some people do not know that are plastic tabs that are glued to the outer surface of your vehicle. we will be able to connect plastic tabs your vehicle to pull and relieve pressure to this often effective areas. This allows the middle we need to work on to rise so that we can get our small tools in there and operate on him. you could consider us car dentist! we are so clean and precise because of the quality of our tools. We use various tools to apply pressure on the back sides, and then will massage it and push the debt out of the vehicle.

we love being the affordable option in your area compared to most traditional auto body shops. We want to make sure that your vehicle is restored to its original factory glory. if there is any chance that the paint may pull away from the vehicle’s metal while we are correcting it, we will always do our best to educate ourselves on the situation and get around it. we will also always let you know if anything like that is a possibility, we never want you to be surprised whenever you come back to our shop. The only surprise that we want you to have is that the price of pure joy on your face when you see that your car is fixed for an affordable price

If you’ve any questions about the way that we work and operate you reach out to us at 314-809-3368 we will be gladly able to assist you. We also have lots of information on our website about the process that we condo lobby work on your vehicles. We want you to know exactly the first, second, third method that we will be using to restore your vehicle. we always let your vehicle be restored to its former factory glory. if you’re not satisfied always let us know and we will see how we can help you out more.