St Louis Bumper Repair is the epitome of amazing service. Our service works like a well oiled machine ! we are only here to service you more than we service ourselves. We appreciate everything that the local St. Louis people have done for us, to help us so much. are service here works in many various forms and ways. We do so many different types of services from detailing all way to hail damage. If you are needing any type of detail he needs are service works better, faster, cleaner and cheaper that anybody else in the market.

St Louis Bumper Repair is perfect for anybody searching to get the best service to the outer surface of your vehicle. if your vehicle needs servicing on the outer areas we can be sure to help you with anything in that area. We are amazing when it comes to anybody needing help with their vehicle service requests. we will be able to restore your vehicle to its original factory condition with ease. we appreciate all the trust locals give us when they turn over the vehicles us. We want to be able to take something broken and make it brand-new. We never want anything we do not come out just short of perfection. we always strive to do the best work at our company.

at St Louis Bumper Repair we are able to massage to push any dents out. we have trained technicians that use knockdown techniques to release stress and high spots from the impact. We also have people that we use mallets to de-escalate any type of pressure wave in your metal to always keep it looking flat and new. we will be able to use plastic tabs to pool and relieve any type of pressure that allow us to soften the metal and work on it.this type repair a lot of times will take hours for people to do. But with our experience, we are able to use multiple knockdowns and different types of pools to achieve the factory finish that everybody strives for. will build to get your vehicle in the tiptop shape in a matter of hours.

are trained technicians with the malleting use so many different techniques that can be used for greatness. We appreciate anybody who uses our service and trust us to not affect the original paint. We are very careful to never affect the original paint.

We understand original paint can be the staple of a lot of classic vehicles. We never want your classic vehicle to be losing value because of our repairs. that is life you have any further questions about the way that we can help keep your vehicle in tiptop shape you can call our customer service hotline at 314-809-3368 we will be able to. We want you to get the service you deserve and want. We have lots of customer service representatives on our website you can check out as well. Check out our website at

St Louis Bumper Repair

here at St Louis Bumper Repair we solve problems in many different ways. We use all different types of forms and fashions to allow us to help you fix your issues. we are very happy that you would even be considering using our business to service any of your repair needs. if there’s any problem that we do not have the means to solve. we will alwaysGet the means to solve rate if there’s any questions that we do not how to answer, we will always be sure to ask any of our coworkers or managers. We was let’s make sure that we are getting you the accurate information you deserve.

St Louis Bumper Repair is a very humble company. We use integrity as our core value. if there is anything that we can understand we will make sure that solving that problem gets done. we don’t want to ever complete a task that wasn’t doneperfectly the first time. we never want anybody to be coming back to our business with repairs that we should’ve fixed but didn’t. That is why we always pride ourselves in having amazing customer service. If something does happen to slip by, always reach out to us and we will help you in any way possible.

St Louis Bumper Repair is an amazing company to get any type of repair done because of our knowledge. We have amazing problem-solving skills with trained technicians. Our technicians are all trained in the trade so that you do not have to worry about anything that they due to your vehicle. We will be able to service your vehicle in any possible way. From the paint, to the dent, to the plastic involved around the bumper. We should be able to help you out in any possible way. we hope that you will consider using our business just so that we can get you the service you need.

we are able to solve problems as well by using our amazing tools. We have tools that are able to massage and push dents out with ease. We are able to use these tools to restore your vehicle to its factory condition without affecting any of your original paint. We know how important original paint can be a certain vehicle so we use different size and length metal rods with varying degrees of bands shape your vehicle back to its glory.

if you’ve any questions about the way their industry is able to further help your vehicle always reach out to us at our number 314-809-3368 and we will be able to prioritize the repair of your vehicle. We always want to work hard to educate you in any type of repairs that we do, we never want you to feel like you are left out of the picture. If you need any help as well we have lots of information on our website at hopefully that can help you discover whatever you need to fix up your car and how we can possibly help you achieve your dreams.