How Do We Fix It?

Paintless Dent Repair is an art that requires hours and hours or training, and countless years of experience to be good, let alone great. The STL Dent Co. team has traveled the world for over 15 years fixing dents and perfecting their craft before settling in to serve the St. Louis market.

It’s not unusual to get dents that don’t damage the paint surface, because modern automotive paints are formulated to be extremely hard and resilient [source: Allen] . This is where Paintless Dent Repair comes in.  Without the use of invasive tools and chemicals, Paintless Dent Repair allows for the repair of existing dents from the inside out or through the use of other highly-specialized techniques because there is no need to repair the exterior paint.

By having your vehicle inspected and repaired by an experienced team like STL Dent Co., minor dents, door dings and hail damage can sometimes cost significantly less than a traditional body shop, and the job is guaranteed to be done right.


Speaking of Cost...How Much Does It Cost?

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