What Do We Fix?

We have all had that moment, when you notice a small dent or dents on the body of your car.  Whether it was an errant shopping cart at the local grocery store, the door of a vehicle parked next to you, something you did yourself, or even a recent hail storm, it is FRUSTRATING to say the least.  Many people think these blemishes are not fixable and that they are stuck with them.  In most cases, that’s simply not true and where we come in!

If your vehicle has dents, dings, creases or other damage to it that did not harm the exterior coat of paint, call us today.  There is a very good chance that we will be able to restore your vehicle to looking like the dent never happened, and we do this without grinding, filling or painting.  Pretty cool, huh?

Additional Services

Bumper repairs

Minor collision damage

Windshield repairs,

Wheel damage

Headlamps restoration

Check out some of these pics as examples of the type of repairs we do in our shop each and every day!

How Do We Fix It?

Take a minute to learn a bit more about the Paintless Dent Removal process and why it is truly the answer to your troubles.

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