Our specialty is Paintless Dent Repair: door dings, large dents, creases, and hail damage. But if that isn’t enough, we also provide other various SMART repair services such as: automotive detailing, ceramic coating, paint touch up, minor body repairs, bumper repair, wheel repair, windshield repair, interior repair, headlight restoration, and any other automotive reconditioning services. 




“I was caught in that hail storm last week, what should I do now?”


First and foremost we are here to advocate for you throughout the insurance process.  We work for you and so should the insurance company.  In the state of Missouri you have the right to choose your repair facility.  The first step is to call your insurance company and obtain a claim number.  In many cases they will direct you to a shop that has a discounted contract or claims drive to get an initial estimate.  Once you receive the claim number give us a call and schedule an appointment to drop your car off for repairs.  We will take it from there as we work directly with your insurance company to make sure all damages are covered and repaired properly; back to its original condition.  




“I came out of the grocery store and sure enough there was a cart up against my car, and now there is a dent.”


We fix, dents, dings, and creases of all shapes and sizes.  We take great pride in restoring your vehicle to the condition it was before the damage occurred.  Many PDR companies make the damage look better, but we hold a standard for repairs that eliminates any sign of the damaged area.  The technological advances in our field have pushed the boundaries of what is capable where once before the only answer was conventional body and paint, now STL Dent Company offers you a better more efficient repair method. 




“My kids dumped out an entire box of cereal and then had a dance party inside my van, can you clean it? Oh and while you’re at it, the outside is pretty gross too, please wash it.”


Check out our detailing services. We offer full interior and exterior detailing. We will clean, scrub, and vacuum your dashboard, center console, seats, cargo area, carpets, floor mats, and windows leaving your interior spotless. We will handwash your vehicle’s exterior, including your wheel wells and wheels. If we need to clay bar it we will, followed by a blow dry to remove all excess water leaving it spot free. If your car requires more attention in a certain area let us know… pet hair, stains, leather conditioning, ozone treatments, heavy bug removal, engine cleaning, buffing, waxing, paint correction, sticker removal, and more. 




“Do you guys do any ceramic coating? I heard it’s pretty cool stuff!” 


Yes, we offer ceramic coating with different yearly warranties. The most popular is our 5 year coating. With that you will receive a full interior and exterior detail. Concentrating on the exterior we will make sure and prepare the paint before laying the ceramic. This includes paint correction where there are light scratches and swirls, stripping any contaminants from the exterior of your vehicle, including windows, wheels, and moldings. Once this is accomplished we lay the “sauce” that’s going to make your car shine!



“I’ve got a few spots on my hood where the paint is missing, it looks like rock chips. Do you guys do that?”

We carry a full paint system made specifically for touch up. This set up allows us to mix our own paint to get the closest possible color match. Even the paint pens from the dealership that supposedly match your vehicle’s color do not always dry and match the same. We also must take into consideration any paint fade due to sun exposure or the difference of paint on metal vs plastic. The best way to explain touch up is, we will eliminate the paint blemish from afar and we will blend it in as best as possible. This also serves to protect the bare metal and will minimize rust. 




“Could you take a look at my bumper? I was backing up and then…”


With many bumpers today being made of plastic, they actually repair quite well without having to replace or paint so long as the paint isn’t gouged or the plastic is cracked. We can get behind them and apply a similar process we use to get the dents out of metal, many times using the help of heat. If your bumper is not able to be repaired this way and requires paint, we can still navigate the best repair process for you. 




“Hey this is my kids car who’s 16, it’s bound to happen again. Can we repair this without going through insurance?”


In some instances we can save a dollar or two for damage requiring minor body repair and paint. We have cost saving techniques that still provide an acceptable level of repair. It’s really important that you as the customer and us as the repair facility are on the same page. We will work directly with you to develop a repair plan. 



“I hit the curb, do you know someone that can repair the scuffs on my wheels?”

Wheel repair has been around for a while but seemingly taken the world by storm over the last few years. Most repairs are handled the same day and repaired on site at our location. Certain wheels requiring the use of a CNC machine may need 2 days as they are more technical and require more time. Rest assured we will have your wheels looking good as new in no time. 



“I was driving behind a dump truck and a rock hit my windshield but it didn’t crack. It just has a little chip, can you help?

We sure can. It’s important to get that rock chip filled and repaired before it spreads as ones it spreads, replacing your windshield is the only option. You can save hundreds of dollars if you beat the spread of a rock chip. This can be done at our location and usually takes less than an hour. Should you need a windshield or any of your windows replaced we can do that too. Give us a call today to discuss.



“There is a rip in my seat, do you know someone that can repair that? Also, the previous owner smoked and I’ve had a burn mark on the floor since I bought it.”

Interior repair is a cost effective way to enhance the inside appearance of your car without spending a fortune to replace. We use only the highest level of technicians to get the inside of your vehicle looking like new. Most repairs can be completed the same day. 



“My headlights are discolored and have a yellow haze over them, is there anything you can do or do I have to buy new headlights?” 

Headlight restoration is a great way to brighten up the appearance of your vehicle along with giving you better sight at night. We wet sand, buff, polish, and then reapply a clear coat to the outer lense of your lights. This will give your car a rejuvenated look.